UBC students of UBCLE are introducing the 1st Taiwanese Film Festival in Vancouver.

From Friday April 6 to Sunday 8, 2007, they will be presenting 6 movies, all from a new generation of Taiwanese film makers who are redefining the Industry on the island:

  • 一年之初-台北都會人交織出的掙* 扎與希望

Do Over: hope arising amidst the chaos of Taipei city life.

  • 翻滾吧!男孩-宜蘭體操小將們朝奧運飛躍的夢想

Jump! Boys: leaping dreams of Yilan's little gymnasts.

  • 盛夏光年-花蓮海岸,激盪青春與愛情的迷惘

Eternal Summer: friendship and passion, distilled by the waters of Hualian.

  • 霧鹿高八度-台東布農族,承傳流逝的天籟

The Rhythm in Wulu Village: the fading voices of the Taidong Bunun aboriginal heritage.

  • 深海-高雄港灣,社會邊緣人舞出生命的恰恰

Blue Cha Cha: social outcasts' vibrant dance of life at the heart of Kaohsiung.

  • 無米樂-台南老稻農,無名英雄的甘苦與智慧

Let It Be: unsung songs of the heroes amongst the Tainan paddy fields.

(all movies are subtitled in English)

Each movie represents a different region of Taiwan, a different vision of the multi-faceted country. From the traditional life in the paddy fields to the life of teenagers in bustling Taipei, you will discover, or re-discovered the richness and kindness of its people.

Visit TWFF website for more information on the movies, showtime and box office. This is a must-see and everyone in Vancouver this week-end should come over to UBC and enjoy a piece of Taiwan's kindness. Plus, there's a free rice ball for everyone (if you come early!) who comes to watch "Let it be".

They also talked about it: http://twff.ubcle.com/blog/







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